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My original music is available for streaming and purchase at Spotify, AmazonGoogle PlayiTunes, and below.  Just click on an album cover for more details, playlists and lyrics of my recordings. I’ve also uploaded three singles that I recorded outside of an album project, including my score for the animated short, Preheated.


A piano-based power trio with songs about conflict, whether between two people, an idea or oneself. A highly satisfying project due to my son’s impeccable drum work and Julian Wrobel’s terrific bass lines.

Listen         Lyrics       The Making of The Great Divide

THE Palisades (2016) 

My attempt to wade in the waters of romance.  Meant to portray the arch of a particular relationship, influences include James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Marc Cohn, though I manage to sneak in a couple of rockers.  

Listen         Lyrics       The Making of The Palisades

WARTS AND ALL (2012)  

A blend of driving rock and roll tunes and a few Ben Folds-type ballads.  Songs about murder, disillusionment and not taking no for an answer.  

Listen         Lyrics       The Making of Warts and All

Every Day I'm Something NeW (2011)

A terrific blend of ballads and rockers, Maddy's debut album showcases her considerable talents not only as a singer, but as a composer. Her songs can be found at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby.  

Listen to Excerpts        The Making of Every Day I'm Something New

Trainsongs (2010)

A second collaboration with singer/songwriter Tricia Kositzky. Piano, percussion, violin, bass and sax backup Tricia’s poetry about a westward trip on the rails.  

Listen         Lyrics       The Making of Trainsongs

Pause (2007)

A change of pace for me, a collection of up-tempo, guitar driven tunes about looking back, dissatisfaction and family.

Listen         Lyrics       The Making of Pause

The Dragon Breathes on Bleecker Street (2003)

A partnership with singer/songwriter Tricia Kositzky with additional vocals by Kristi French.  A collection of soulful songs of introspection and hope.  

Listen          Lyrics       The Making of The Dragon Breathes...

Better Than This (2000)

Piano-based rock and roll with many of my favorite songs to date.  Attitude rockers are balanced nicely with songs about marriage and parenthood.

Listen          Lyrics       The Making of Better Than This

Piano Solos (2000)

You guessed it.  An album of piano solos, ranging from jazz to more rock-influenced tunes.  Don't call it New Age.

Listen           The Making of Piano Solos

Rocks Off On Humboldt (1996)

This is like listening to a former version of myself.  Some gems hidden in a sea of subpar technology.  But hey - it's free! 

Listen          Lyrics       The Making of Rocks Off On Humboldt

Meals and Ulcers (1992)

A superior effort to Rocks Off, and a nice summary of the mindset of a 24 year old. 

Listen          Lyrics       The Making of Meals and Ulcers

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