Paul Heinz

Original Fiction, Music and Essays

Business school seemed like a good idea at the time.  What was I thinking? 

Well, it did produce a wife and three kids, so I'm not complaining, but the creative bug has kept buzzing even in the midst of jobs, mortgages, homework, cat vomit and dreams of the Brewers winning the World Series.  Here's what I've had going on:

Fiction and Essays: I've had several short stories published, including three contest winners, and continue to submit stories to various publications each year.  I've completed two novels, though I haven't found found representation for either one (yet).  My regular on-line essays have also appeared on Milwaukee's NPR station, and a few other websites.

Performing: I've been playing keyboards in several bands for the past nine years and continue to be inspired by my fellow musicians.  I perform in about thirty gigs a year plus I play piano nearly every Sunday at Elmhurst Presbyterian Church.

Recording: last but not least, I've completed ten albums to date, mostly in the pop-rock vein, and I have at least a few more projects brewing before I decide to call it a day.  My next album will be a mellow collection that I hope to complete in 2019.

Has your life turned out the way you planned?  Mine either, but just remember - we're not dead yet.

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