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Every Day I'm Something NeW (2011)

A terrific blend of ballads and rockers, Maddy's debut album showcases her considerable talents not only as a singer, but as a composer.  Her songs can be found at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and many other on-line retailers, and her videos are now available at youtube.  One of the most important things you can do to help support her career is "like" her on Facebook and offer your postive reviews wherever her music is sold.

Around March of 2010, John Meyer approached me about helping his daughter record a CD to help promote her singing talents.  I'd been familiar with Maddy's singing from way back when she wowed an audience at McNally's pub as part of her father's 40th birthday celebration, and I'd attended various performances of hers in theater groups and outdoor concerts.  I couldn't wait to get started.

John and I began to sift through several of his compositions that we thought would work well with Maddy's voice, some of which were already in their completed form, others that I added a bridge or chorus to.  "Homecoming Queen" was one of my favorites off of John's record from 2004, and he was gracious to allow me to write a bit of a climax for the tune's ending.  We knew we wanted a pop-teen tune, and in sudden burst, I came up with "Jump Into the Fray."  A few months later, the song "Up to Speed" came to me, and this fulfilled our desire to have one rockin' angry tune.

In the meantime, Maddy began to write her own material, which added a whole new element to the project - the heartfelt ballad.  "Trying To Impress You" and "Forever" projected a vulnerable side akin to Regina Spektor.  Maddy also wrote most of "Every Day I'm Something New," which I had a blast giving a new groove to accentuated by a hip-hop beat and a rumbling bass line (and our most unorthodox decision on the album - a trumpet solo).

For the recordings, John and I worked on the skeletons of the tunes at my house, and over time, John, Maddy and I tweaked the arrangements and instrumentation until we were satisfied.  "Idaho" was enhanced with an electronic drum beat and modulations, and "One Two Three" and "World's Collide" were kept almost entirely in their original forms.  The song that gave us the most trouble by far was "Back to Sleep," a terrific tune by John, but one that we couldn't get to work until we decided to scrap all we'd recorded and start over.  Sometimes you have to break things down and build them back up, and it ended up being a good decision.  Maybe one day Maddy can release our original take of this tune.

Many musicians offered their terrific talents to complete this album.  I think it's important to mention that not one note of Maddy's voice was "auto-tuned," practically unheard of these days.  During our recordings, her vocals were always spot-on.

An impressive debut.

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