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The New Album is Complete!

Album number ten is in the books! After six months of composing, four months of rehearsing and six weeks of recording, mixing, deleting, rerecording, gating, fading and compressing, I have completed mixing my new album, The Great Divide, a collaborative project with Sam Heinz on drums and Julian Wrobel on bass. I suspect that in six months when I listen to the record I will be very pleased with it. At present, I’m too lost in the weeds to objectively evaluate things, but this has been the case with every project I’ve completed. A little distance is required to realize what you’ve accomplished.

On Friday I will take my project to a profession mastering studio in Chicago called The Boiler Room, where Collin Jordan will put the finishing touches on the record. This is only the second time I’ve mastered an album with a professional studio, and I’m looking forward to the process and the results. Once this is complete I’m going to make physical copies on CD for the first time since my album in 2003. Oddly enough, the two 15 year-olds involved with the project wanted a physical product of some kind, which delighted me as much as it surprised me. This bodes well for the future, especially since I'm up to about 850 vinyl records that will one day need a new home!

I will be posting songs in the upcoming weeks, and on May 5th, the band is hosting a show at Congregation Etz Chaim in Lombard at 7PM.  Come on out and join us for a short concert followed by food, drinks and socializing. For details, email me at

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