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Prince's Refrigerator

A little trifle for the holidays...

Prince, the former The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, has been shown over the years to be a weird dude.  For a lengthy but funny example of this, check out film director Ken Smith’s monologue about his experience filming a documentary for The Artist himself.

But earlier this week a friend of mind shared a fantastic blurb brought to you by the food and drink magazine Heavy Table.  Now you too can know the contents inside Prince’s refrigerator (or at least what was in his fridge four years ago), and what’s really cool are Prince’s comments.  He sounds funny, approachable and human.  Go figure.

And can a guy who really likes Dunk-a-roos really be that weird?

Have a terrific end to 2015, everyone.  More music, essays, fiction and gigs are to come in the New Year.

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