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Sucker Magazine Publication Forthcoming

(The following blog-in-brief is currently posted at Sucker, a new Young Adult magazine created by Hannah Goodman, that will debut within the next month or two.  An excerpt of my novel, Things I Hate About My Mother, has been accepted for publication for the first issue).

My friend forwards an email about a new Young Adult literary magazine called Sucker:

“Maybe you’re interested?” she writes.

Interested?  Of course I’m interested.  I’m always interested in miniscule chances at achieving love and admiration.  It’s what we writers thrive on.

And then something weird happens: I achieve…well…not LOVE, exactly, but modest admiration for something I’ve written!  Me.

A nip and a tuck, and voilà!  Published.

Okay. So the rewrites were a LITTLE more painful than a nip and a tuck, but when you’re heavily sedated and the doctor has you under the knife and says, “You SURE you don’t want me to remove this mole since I’ve already got you here?” you just do it.

Thanks Dr. Hannah, surgeon extraordinaire.

-Paul Heinz, Sucker Writer

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