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New Song, "Two For The Price Of One"

Here's a new tune you can download, Two For The Price Of One, written for my daughters' b'not mitzvah.  Enjoy!  And thanks to Anthony Calderisi for his lead guitar work.

Two For The Price Of One

There's a feeling, that you're on to something good

This bears repeating

You're on to something good

And as you get there, you can be assured

We've got your backside covered darlings


You are the priceless culmination

A linkage in a chain of generations


Two for the price of one, and look what you've become

Two for the price of one, the journey's just begun


There are moments when I can't believe my eyes

My mind is reeling

Do you ever get this feeling?

'Cuz I remember only yesterday

You twirled your summer dresses darlings


You are the sum of our ambitions

A journey from the past to new traditions


Two for the price of one, sometimes I'm overcome by

  Two for the price of one, something's just begun

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