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A Quick Quote

While I'd like to write something vast and epic and heartfelt and meaningfull as 2011 approaches, I find that sledding, movies, parties and card games are devouring the 16-day break that just two weeks ago seemed infinitely long. 

Instead, I'd like to finish 2010 with a quote from Keith Richards, whose biography, "Life," squeeked into a few top ten non-fiction book lists this year (I'll refrain from giving a full review of the book, but I think I can summarize it in a few words: guitar, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, fight with Mick, drugs, love, drugs, composing, off drugs). 

This quote is, to me, among the best ever put down on paper:

"Mick's album was called 'She's The Boss,' which said it all.  I've never listened to the entire thing all the way through.  Who has?  It's like 'Mein Kampf.'  Everybody had a copy, but nobody listened to it."

It brings tears to the eyes.

So there you go.  A very happy New Year to everyone, and I look forward to an exciting and healthy 2011.



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