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The palisades(2016)

My attempt to wade into the waters of romance.  Meant to present the arch of a particular relationship, its influences include James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Marc Cohn, though I manage to sneak in a couple of rockers.

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Lyrics      Making of The Palisades

© 2016, Paul Heinz - All Rights Reserved

Tracking and mastering by Glen West
Overdubs engineered by Paul Heinz
Written, Arranged, Mixed and Produced by Paul Heinz

Tony Meadors – Bass
Brian Collins – Drums and percussion

Sam Heinz – drums on “You”
Russ Adkins – guitar on “Why Can’t You Be More Like They Are?” and “Brown Eyes”
Paul Heinz – keyboards, vocals, guitar, extra percussion, distorted bass on “You,” baritone horn on “Why Can’t You Be More Like They Are?”

Jessica Heinz, Tatum Langley and Kais Ali – backup vocals on “One Big Love”
Sara Vettraino – Violin on “One Big Love”

Gayle Bisesi – vocals on “Why Can’t You Be More Like They Are?”
Glen West – Tenor Sax on “Why Can’t You Be More Like They Are?”
Tom Mason – Trumpet on “Why Can’t You Be More Like They Are?”
Sarah Heinz – French Horn on “Each Passing Year”

Jessica Heinz and Tatum Langley – vocal interlude at the end of "The Palisades" 
John Hibler – Clarinet on “My Gal, Al”
Robert Honig – Tuba on “My Gal, Al”

In additional to thanking all the musicians, I’d like to thank Brad Showalter of Kiwi Studios for his easy-going nature and fabulous facility; Jan Widmaier for once again lending me her beautiful Martin acoustic; Dad and Marion for lending me their living room for an afternoon session; and Bruce Hook for lending me his ear.  Thanks also to my kids for being involved in this project, and to Alice for inspiring it all.

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Copyright, 2017, Paul Heinz, All Right Reserved